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Translate Documents from English to Polish

English is the chief language of the Web. However, there are many people to whom your message can get only if it is translated to other languages. Our company would like to assist you in preparing your business content to Polish linguistic and cultural reality.

Main areas of our activity:

  • Translation

    Experienced Polish translators using modern Translation Memory tools (TRADOS WorkBench, DejaVu, SDLX). We can translate almost any text in most document formats. Our translators' main specialties include: IT, software, hardware, computers, and other fields.

  • Localizing software

    Our company can translate the whole software product. We localize user interfaces, help online, user manuals in electronic and hardcopy versions.

  • Localizing web sites

    Translate your entire web site to Polish. All the functionality of the native web pages will be preserved and iall the necessary changes that make them look natural in the target language will be made.

  • Editing

    Your documents will be adjusted or customised layouts according to your requirements will be provided. If your document is prepared for printing with QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker or other software, we can translate the documents preserving the original look and adjusting any changes.

  • Proofing

    All translated documents are proofread. But we can also provide proofing service only.

If you have any queries regarding our business terms, send us an e-mail.

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