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Samsung printers

Localisation of Samsung printer drivers, printer control GUI, Setup and User's Guides.


Cats Cradle translation support software

Localisation to Polish of CatsCradle 's user interface. CatsCradle is software that supports the process of translation of websites.


Wacker construction machinery

We are providing ongoing translation service for Polish versions of Wacker marketing and informative publications.


Fellowes computer accessories

Translation marketing material and quick guides to Fellowes accessories (optical mouses, keyboards, power supply)


LeanSixSigma management training materials

Translation of a training course on LeanSixSigma methods. Localization of PowerPoint presentations


Crown forklifts service and operation manuals

Translation and DTP services for Polish version of Crown forklift service and maintenance manuals.


CD and DVD copying software

Full localization service to MCB Software. This was a multilanguage project. The software and its documentation was translated to Czech, Hungarian and Russian.


Banking and billing system localization

Translation and localization services for a part of billing software (software localization, application database and documentation translation).


Medicine leaflets information database

Our company translated a medical leaflet database (over 72,000 words).


Medical diagnostic system user's manuals

We translated documentation of medical software used with Siemens diagnostic medical equipment.


Document Translator application and help on-line

We took part in development and localization of the first Polish Translation Memory software - Document Translator - designed by Domdata Software and Consulting, Poland.


Automotive related Web Based Training content

Our company has provided translation for an eLearning website content. The courses described succesful methods of Opel marketing. Provided additional support material for Opel dealer network salesforce as well service stations.


infor:com ERP system documentation

We participated in localizing on-line documentation for infor:com ERP system into Polish.

TextPad.com web site localization

We localized TextPad.com site to Polish. Now Polish customers can get all information concerning TextPad, its functionality and availability by getting to Polish version of TextPad homesite.

TextPad 4.5

Localization of a multipurpose editing application for Helios Software Solutions. Our company has translated VC++ resource files which defined TextPad graphical user interface (see the following screen shot for the results). Moreover, we have localized Help Online so that the Polish user can easily cope with any simple problems.


Edustrada.com Web Based Training courses

We localized Edumatic, Edustrada's Web Based Training system. The localizing tasks included creating an English GUI, translating User's Manual, and several eLearning courses.



Our company has localized Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PagePromoter.com, an application for optimizing websites and submitting them to search engines.


Dell computer manuals

We also participated in preparing Polish versions of Dell computer system documentation. We translated and QAed part of the material.


Microsoft MSDN Knowledge Base articles

We provided Polish translation for a number of MSDN Knowledge Base articles.


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